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When you play a counting event you are automatically added into your club's MGRanking, so START EARNING points!
MyGolfRanking ranks the performance of amateur golfers over a 52 week "rolling cycle" in stroke play and Stableford events played at their golf clubs

Frequently Asked Questions

How many players are included in each event?

MyGolfRanking (MGR) automatically includes all members who tee up in a nominated Counting Event at their club.

What time period does MyGolfRanking cover?

MGR ranks club handicap golfers based on their net stroke play and Stableford scores over a 52 week “rolling cycle”.

Is MyGolfRanking weighted for more recent play?

No. We're not all privileged enough to be professionals playing over 20 tournaments a year so we believe that your Spring Meeting result should carry just as much weight as your Autumn meeting. After 52 weeks, your event result will drop out and be replaced by your, hopefully better, current event result.

How often is MyGolfRanking updated?
Each player’s MGR Club Ranking is updated after each Counting Event and the results are posted on each week.

How do I become a MyGolfRanked Player?
To become a MGRanked Player, all you have to do is play in one of your golf club’s Counting Events.

What is a Counting Event?

A Counting Event is one of any number of stroke play and Stableford events nominated by a registered club. A Counting Event may have more than one Counting Round, for instance if it is a 36 hole event, as long as net scores are recorded. A Counting Event may be an event in which non-members may participate, if agreed by MGR.

What is a Counting Round?

Counting Rounds are all rounds played in a Counting Event.

What is a Counting Score?

A Counting Score is a player’s score, net of handicap, in a Counting Round.

How do I earn Ranking Points?

MGRanking Points are awarded to a player on the basis of that player’s net score in each Counting Round. Additional MGRanking Points are Bonus Points allocated for finishing in a high position.

What is Event Strength?

Each Counting Event has an Event Strength based on the number of players who tee off.

What are Bonus Points?
Bonus Points are awarded to the leading players in Counting Rounds.

What happens in the event of a tie?

For all ties, including a tie for first, MGR Points will be totalled and divided by the number of players who are tied.

What is the Divisor?

A player’s Divisor is calculated by adding the number of stroke play and Stableford Counting Rounds. There is a minimum Divisor of 8 Counting Rounds.

How are MyGolfRanking positions calculated?

Each player’s Ranking Points and Bonus Points are added and the total divided by the Divisor. This figure is multiplied by 100 to give the player’s MGR Points. The MGR Points are used to rank each player at Club, Regional, National, and International level.

The majority of our competitions will be split into two divisions. Do the rankings take that into account?

For MGR purposes, all the scores in a Counting Round are merged into one competition.